Sol Tax Distinguished Service Award - A Rocking ChairJeanne Simonelli
Sol Tax Committee Chair

Do you have a mentor that never seems to stop applying social science? Is there someone who seems to work quietly in the background, but yet seems to be everywhere? Now is the time to sit down and write a letter nominating your best and favorite teacher, advisor, supervisor for the Sol Tax Distinguished Service Award. Just as Sol Tax was way ahead of his time when he worked with students and communities over sixty years ago, there is someone you know who works, speaks and writes in exceptional ways.

Nominees should be those who have made long-term and exceptional contributions in several of the following areas in the applied social sciences: 1) leadership in organizational structure, activities and policy development; 2) central roles in communication with other disciplines or subdisciplines; 3) editing and publishing; 4) development of curricula in applied anthropology; 5) formulation of ethical standards of practice; and 6) other innovative activities which promote the goals of the Society for Applied Anthropology, the field of applied anthropology, and the public at large. 

Each nomination should include: 

• a detailed letter of nomination outlining the distinguished service accomplishments of the candidate 

• one additional letter of support 

• a curriculum vitae that includes specific details regarding the nominee’s service to the SfAA 

Nominations are valid for five years from the date of submission. The selection committee consists of five members appointed by the President and Executive Board of SfAA. Please email nominations and supporting material to: Email: Society for Applied Anthropology Attn: Chair Sol Tax Award

Get someone you know ready to rock!

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