Distinguished Lectures

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The J. Anthony Paredes Memorial Plenary

The James Anthony “Tony” Paredes Memorial Session honors the memory and career of the prominent scholar and anthropologist. Tony was professor of anthropology for 30 years at Florida State University, becoming professor emeritus in 1999. After arriving at FSU, Tony began research among the Poarch Band of Creeks in Alabama in 1971, forging a relationship that lasted until his death. Tony was instrumental in obtaining federal acknowledgment and recognition of the Poarch Creeks as an Indian tribe in 1984. Tony served on AAA’s Executive Board and was past president of the Association of Senior Anthropologists, the Society for Applied Anthropology, and the Southern Anthropological Society.

The Michael Kearney Memorial Lecture

The Lecture celebrates the life and work of Michael Kearney. Each year, the Committee will select an outstanding scholar whose presentation will explore the intersection of three themes - migration, human rights, transnationalism. These three themes were central to Prof. Kearney's scholarship.  They were first explored in his doctoral research (“The Winds of Ixtepeji”).  His subsequent research led to a greater involvement in the formulation of public policy, and the commitment to use his discipline to understand and assist the development of indigenous migrant organizations.

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