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Tour Registration Form

Online registration for tours is now closed. You can print the pdf form and bring to the SfAA registration desk. 

See you in Albuquerque!

All tickets are on a first come first serve basis. We reserve the right to cancel in the event that there are not enough participants to hold the tour, if this happens fees will be refunded. Refund for cancellation requires 48 hours advance notice before the tour start time.


Tour #1

Petroglyphs National Monument

Wednesday, March 18 
1:15-5:00 pm

Saturday, March 21
1:15-5:00 pm

Price: $46

The Petroglyph National Monument (PNM) protects one of the largest petroglyph sites in North America, featuring designs and symbols carved into volcanic rock and dating back to an early Pueblo Period. It provides a valuable record of the religious and political developments of the Pueblo people. The tours to PNM are led by one of its foremost authorities, Mr. Ike Eastvold. He completed the first archeological survey of the site and has led the effort to provide protection for the petroglyphs by obtaining approval to create the site as a national monument.  

Over the course of the tour, participants will walk about two and a half miles. You are encouraged to wear sturdy shoes, a hat, and sunscreen. Restrooms are available only at the PNM parking lot. 

Please gather at the SfAA registration desk at 1:15, tour leaves promptly at 1:30.  

Maximum participants: 35


Tour #2

Laguna Pueblo: St. Joseph’s Feast Day

Thursday, March 19
8:45 am-5 pm

Price: $48

When the Spanish arrived in Laguna in the early 17th century, they found a thriving, self-governing, agricultural society—the Keresan speaking Kawaik people. The Franciscan Friars constructed the Mission San Jose de la Lagune, completed in 1699, using Laguna labor. Colonial rule was often brutal but the people were able to maintain their traditional culture, while also adapting for the purpose of survival. This is reflected in contemporary religious practices. The tour will visit the Laguna Pueblo on the Feast of St. Joseph, March 19, the most important religious day of the year. The celebration is a fascinating blend of Roman Catholicism and traditional Pueblo religion. There are traditional dances such as the Social, Buffalo, Butterfly, and the Eagle dances in the plaza as well as many booths displaying high quality Native arts and crafts. The tour will be led by Professor Orit Tamir, an expert on Southwest Native American Culture.  

On the drive to Laguna, Dr. Tamir will provide a brief introduction to the Pueblo and the Feast of St. Joseph’s. At the Pueblo, we will have the opportunity to visit the historic church and enjoy the festive atmosphere—watch ceremonial dances and savor Native American food and arts and crafts. We will depart by 4:00 pm to return to the hotel by 5:00 pm.  

During the tour, participants will be walking on uneven terrain. You are encouraged to wear sturdy shoes, a hat, and sunscreen. Participants are on their own for lunch and will have the opportunity to purchase Native arts and crafts. Please bring cash as few vendors take credit cards. Photography, video, audio, and sketching are prohibited in the Laguna Pueblo. 

Please gather at the SfAA registration desk at 8:45 am, tour leaves promptly at 9 am.  

Maximum participants: 56


Tour #3


Friday, March 20
3:45-6:00 pm

Price: $39

Starting in 1994 with the opening of Canteen Brewhouse, the craft beer scene in Albuquerque has exploded. Now there are 65 breweries and tap rooms which is one of the highest number of breweries per capita in the country. On this tour, participants will visit several of the city’s famous establishments and learn about their history and their passionate proprietors. 

Price includes guide, van, and snack bag. Participants will pay for their own beer but there will be a discount at the breweries visited. 

Please gather at the SfAA registration desk at 3:45 pm, tour leaves promptly at 4 pm.  

Maximum participants: 56


Tour #4

Old Town Albuquerque Walking Tour

Friday, March 20
8:45-11:00 am

Price: $24

Join a Burqueño (a person who is from Albuquerque) on a guided stroll of the historic Plaza and surrounding area. Participants will learn the history and culture of the city and its blend of Anglo, Spanish, and Native American residents. Old Town remains the cultural heart of the city and it’s replete with museums, restaurants, and shops that you will be able to return and explore on your own. 

Price includes guide, souvenir Old Town map, and bottled water. 

Please gather at the SfAA registration desk at 8:45 am, tour leaves promptly at 9 am.  

Maximum participants: 20

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