Immigration Initiative


A thematic analysis of Im/migration sessions was developed from the 2019 Portland SfAA meeting abstracts. This report was produced by Amy Carattini at the request of the Immigration TIG and funded by the Immigration Initiative at the SfAA. The following is the executive summary with a weblink to the full report with appendices. 

Thirteen percent (12.57 %, or 188 of 1496 abstracts) of SfAA 2019 meeting abstract submissions included the term im/migration, and related variants, in their wording. This report analyzes the coverage of the topic using four analytical entries: key words, related terminology, thematic content, and study geographical area.  Frequency distribution tables help understand the prevalence of terms by entry. The report findings help analyze 2019 meeting participation on im/migration, connect past meeting participants with each other, encourage collaboration for further participation in the 2020 meetings, and systematize knowledge garnered at 2019-2020 meetings on the topic.

Final Thematic Analysis for Immigration SfAA 2019

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