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The Society for Applied Anthropology is pleased to offer students attending the Annual Meeting opportunities to volunteer. This is a great way to interact with other attendees, network, and see the inner workings of the meetings. With every 4 hours worked you will receive one year’s free membership. Click on each tab on the left to view volunteer duties.



- Registration check-in
- stuffing participant packets
- Tour/Workshop check-in
- helping set up posters and exhibits
- moving boxes from storage room

Exhibit Assistant

Exhibit Set-up/Assisting

Set up:
- Move boxes of books to exhibit hall and place on exhibitor's tables
- Help vendors set up their booths and clean up trash boxes when finished
- Keep an eye on unmanned tables so that merchandise is not stolen
- Help vendors if they need to take a break or are overwhelmed with sales
- Closing shift - start alerting people of closing time

Poster Set-up

Poster Session Set-up

- Move boxes of easels and poster board to exhibit hall
- Set up easels and poster board
- Place a number, pins, and clips on each board
- Help students find their designated areas
- Keep out on-lookers/viewers until session opens

A/V Set-up

AV Set-up/Tear down

- Unbox A/V equipment and put together carts
- Move carts with screens and projectors to rooms
- Tape down loose cords
Tear down:
- Take down screens
- Pull up tape from cords
- Bring carts back from rooms
- Take apart carts
- Re-box A/V equipment
- Load box truck with registration supplies and A/V equipment  

Social Assistant

Social Assistant 

(*Must be 21 or over)

- Help set up food, pour drinks (some alcoholic)
- Keep everything tidy
- Refresh food and supplies when needed
- When events are over, clean up dishes and bag up trash

  Monday, March 16
  12:00-4:00p (Registration) 2:00-6:00p (A/V Set-up)
  2:00-6:00p (Registration)  
  Tuesday, March 17
  7:00-11:00a (Registration) 3:00-7:00p (Registration)
  11:00a-3:00p (Registration)  
  Wednesday, March 18
  7:00-11:00a (Registration) 1:00-5:00p (Exhibit Assistant)
  8:00a-12:00p (Exhibit Set-up) 3:00-7:00p (Registration)
  11:00a-3:00p (Registration) 4:30-8:30p (Social Assistant)
  Thursday, March 19
  7:00-11:00a (Registration) 1:00-5:00p (Exhibit Assistant)
  9:00a-1:00p (Exhibit Assistant) 2:00-6:00p (Registration)
  10:30a-2:30p (Registration) 3:00-7:00p (Social Assistant)
  11:30a-3:30p (Poster Set-up)  
  Friday, March 20
  7:00-11:00a (Registration) 11:00a-3:00p (Registration)
  9:00a-1:00p (Exhibit Assistant) 1:00-5:00p (Exhibit Assistant)
  Saturday, March 21
  7:00-11:00a (Registration) 6:30-10:30p (Social Assistant)
  11:30a-3:30p (A/V Teardown)  

Fill out the form below with your preference for shifts. Please fill in all three preferences so that we can work to get your desired times. Select date to reveal times.

*Please review carefully the available times to the left before submitting to ensure your requested time has not been taken.

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