Volunteer Sign-up


The Society for Applied Anthropology is pleased to offer students attending the Annual Meeting opportunities to volunteer. This is a great way to interact with other attendees, network, and see the inner workings of the meetings. With every 4 hours worked you will receive one year’s free membership. Click on each tab on the left to view volunteer duties.



- Registration check-in
- stuffing participant packets
- Tour/Workshop check-in
- helping set up posters and exhibits
- moving boxes from storage room

Poster Set-up

Poster Session Set-up

- Move boxes of easels and poster board to exhibit hall
- Set up easels and poster board
- Place a number, pins, and clips on each board
- Help students find their designated areas
- Keep out on-lookers/viewers until session opens

A/V Set-up

AV Set-up/Tear down

- Unbox A/V equipment and put on carts
- Move carts with screens and projectors to rooms
- Tape down loose cords
Tear down:
- Take down screens
- Pull up tape from cords
- Bring carts back from rooms
- Re-box A/V equipment
- Load box truck with registration supplies and A/V equipment  

Social Assistant

Social Assistant 

(Must be 21 or older)
  • - Setting up the social
    - Setting out food
    - Pouring drinks
    - Clean up

  Monday, March 25
  2:00-6:00p (Registration) 2:00-6:00p (A/V Set-up)
  Tuesday, March 26
  7:45-11:45a (Registration) 2:00-6:00p (Registration)
  11:00a-3:00p (Registration)  
  Wednesday, March 27
  6:00-10:00a (A/V Set-up) 11:00a-3:00p (Registration)
  7:45-11:45a (Registration) 2:00-6:00p (Registration)
  Thursday, March 28
  7:45-11:45a (Registration) 2:30-6:30p (Poster Teardown)
  11:00a-3:00p (Registration) 2:00-6:00p (Registration)
  11:00a-3:00p (Poster Set-up) 5:00-9:00p (Social Assistant)
  Friday, March 29
  7:45-11:45a (Registration) 12:00-4:00p (Registration)
  11:00a-3:00p (Registration)  
  Saturday, March 30
  8:00a-12:00p (Registration) 3:30-7:30p (A/V Teardown)
  6:00-10:00p (Social Assistant)  

Online sign-up is now closed. 


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