Rewards of Being a Journal/Newsletter Editor Webinar


It’s one of the most important tasks in setting the course of our discipline, but it’s rarely discussed: being a journal editor. When’s the right time to consider editing a journal? What experiences and organizational support might be helpful? Do you have to work in academia to be an editor? What are some of the challenges that editors can anticipate, and what are the personal and professional rewards? Whether you’re long-established in our discipline, just starting out, or somewhere in between, if editing piques your interest please join the current editors and assistants at Human Organization, Practicing Anthropology, and the SfAA Newsletter for an informal chat about the role. Our goal is simply to demystify the editor’s desk so that more applied anthropologists might contemplate such roles. We welcome folks with potential interest in editing both short-term (e.g. the open HO editorship) and farther down the line.

Webinar Speakers

Chad Morris (SfAA Publications Committee Chair @Roanoke College)

Nancy Romero-Daza (Human Organization Co-Editor @University of South Florida)

David Himmelgreen (Human Organization Co-Editor @University of South Florida)

Orit Tamir (SfAA News Co-Editor @New Mexico Highlands University)

Jeanne Simonelli (SfAA News Co-Editor @National Park Service)

Lisa Jane Hardy (Practicing Anthropology Editor @Northern Arizona University)

Caroline Mende (Practicing Anthropology Editorial Assistant @Northern Arizona University)

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