The SfAA Podcast Project is a student-led initiative to provide audio records of sessions from the Annual Meetings to the public, free of charge. We strive to include a broad range of interests from diverse perspectives with the intent of extending conversations throughout the years. Our ultimate goal is to make these dialogues accessible to a global audience.



The SfAA Podcast Project uploads podcasts recorded at the Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting. All podcasts are free to the public and we encourage you to come back often and listen to anthropologists in both the applied and academic realms. Click below to start your journey and listen to podcasts about health, the environment, social justice, education, business, and much more. 


A Brief History of the Podcast Project

The SfAA Podcast Project began from a small remark at the 2005 Annual Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Torn between coinciding sessions, then-student Jen Cardew Kersey was discussing with her now-husband, Tim, which panel she should attend. He asked the simple question, ¨Why not listen to one of them afterwards?¨ As Jen tells it, this was a ridiculous idea. Anthropologists in 2005 did not record sessions. Everyone knew that. 

Anthropologists in 2007, however, did. Jen rallied the support of a faculty advisor, Christina Wasson, and former SfAA Executive Director, Tom May (both of whom were an integral component to the Project´s success). The Podcast Project debuted at the 67th Annual Meeting, and has continued on for a decade. 

Since 2007, the Podcast Project has published over 150 podcasts, has touched 6 continents, and has experienced over 110,000 views. As we continue to grow and improve, we pay special tribute to Jen Cardew Kersey, Christina Wasson, Tom May, the many SfAA contributors, and to the 10 years of student volunteers who have made this project successful. 

An Interview with Our Founder

Previous Podcast Project Chair, Molly Shade, interviewed the founder of the Podcast Project, Jen Cardew Kersey. Listen to their conversation below!

Podcast Team

Current Podcast Team

jewel aleshire.jpgJewel Aleshire (she/her) - Chair

Jewel Aleshire is a master's student in the Department of Anthropology at UNT. She graduated from UNT in May 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a certificate in Applied Anthropology. During her undergraduate degree, she conducted research regarding the impacts of climate change and sea level rise on the islands of Fiji and Tuvalu as an Undergraduate Research Fellow and McNair Scholar. In the summer of 2019, Jewel completed a research internship at the University of Maryland School of Public Health where she assisted with a project focused on establishing accessible parks and green spaces in areas of need. Currently, she is working on her thesis project which focuses on the user experience and usability of public libraries in Denton. She is passionate about learning new things, particularly in podcast format, and she is currently the chair of the SfAA Podcast Project.


micah fleck.jpgMicah Fleck (he/him) - Technology Manager

Micah J. Fleck is a graduate student researcher at University of North Texas currently earning his M.S. in Applied Anthropology with a concentration on the Anthropology of Education. He has previously earned his Ed.M. in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard University and his B.A. in Anthropology from Columbia University. His personal experience as a non-traditional student has inspired him to do research and applied work aimed at making education spaces and information access more equitable for all, and thus his focus within the Podcast team is on the project of streamlining access to the podcast's past broadcasts via mainstream podcast streaming services. 


mikaela williams.jpgMikaela Williams (she/her) - Communications Manager

Mikaela Williams is in her second year in the Applied Anthropology master’s program at the University of North Texas. She received her Bachlor’s in Anthropology from the University of Cincinnati. During her time at UC she participated in a joint endevor between the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning to create a student-edited art/media/design and theory journal that explored concepts of identity. Right now, she is working on her thesis project and will be completing research with older adults about their media consumption habits. She’s also exploring visual communication pracitces within the discipline of anthropology.


tatyana broomfield.jpgTatyana Broomfield (she/her) - Technology Coordinator

Tatyana is a first year Graduate student earning her M.S. in Applied Anthropology concentrating in Environmental Policies. Her love for nature and inspiration for helping communities that are negatively affected by climate change and politics are what push her to learn and motivate her to use her knowledge as an anthropologist to help affected communities.



Chelsea king.JPEGChelsea King (she/her) -Communciations Coordinator

Chelsea King is a first year graduate student at UNT. She’s from upstate New York, a little city called Syracuse. For undergrad, she attended Saint Mary’s College in Califronia and received two BAs in Anthropology and Environmental Studies. Her research focuses on using design research to better infrom and create environmental management infrastructure technologies and policies. Outside of school, she loves rock climbing, kayaking, painting, and just general exploring!



bryce workings.jpgBryce Workings (he/they) - Communications Coordinator

Bryce Workings is a master’s student at UNT studying urban space and public art, local ecological knowledge, and the social study of science. He also received his bachelor’s degree from UNT in Geography and the Environment, with a focus on sustainability and earth science. He has interests in farming, poetry, skateboarding, and gaming. He’s also a PADI certified scuba diver and loves being outdoors! He’s excited to be a part of the SfAA Podcast team and looks forward to a fantastic conference in March!


Christina_Wasson.jpgChristina Wasson, UNT Advisor

Christina Wasson is a Professor of Anthropology at the University of North Texas. She has been the UNT Advisor for the SfAA Podcast Project since Jen Kersey first developed the idea.  In her research, she studies virtual communication, collaboration, and community-building processes, so of course, she loved Jen’s idea!  She teaches classes in design anthropology and linguistic anthropology. For more information, see


Advisory Board

2019 Advisory Board

Susan Andreatta
Lenora Bohren
Keri Brondo
Merrill Eisenberg
Carla Guerron-Montero
Lisa Henry
Christina Wasson, ex officio

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