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The Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) was founded in 1941 to promote the investigation of the principles of human behavior and the application of these principles to contemporary issues and problems. Since that time membership has expanded to over 2,000. The Society has become the preeminent international organization in the field concerned with the application of the social sciences to contemporary issues.

The Society is unique among professional organizations. In membership and purpose, it represents the interests of professionals in a wide range of work settings - academia, business, law, health and medicine, public and government. Members come from a variety of disciplines - anthropology, sociology, economics, business, planning, medicine, nursing, law, and other related social/behavioral sciences. The unifying factor is a commitment to the mission of our association - professionals from a variety of backgrounds who are making an impact on the quality of life in the world today.

Memberships run on calendar year, January 1 through December 31.

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Why Should You Join the SfAA?

Opportunities & Networking

Opportunities and Networking 

The Society encourages the active participation of all members. The moderate size of membership and the flexibility of the organization permits involvement by all interested members. The activities of the Society, particularly the annual meetings, provide an essential forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences. In addition, the committee activities and special interest groups (both geographically-based as well as issue-oriented), encourage vital contacts with other professionals for the purpose of resolving similar problems.

Annual Meetings

Annual Meetings

The Society sponsors a large and dynamic annual meeting in the spring (March/April) each year. The meeting provides the setting for the analysis of issues, the exchange among members, and the general networking essential for professionals. The venue for the meeting changes each year; every fourth year, the meeting is convened at an international site. Please contact the SfAA Office for information on future meetings. Members are eligible for discounted registration fees for the annual meeting.



Members receive a subscription to Human OrganizationPracticing Anthropology, and the SfAA News; all of which are quarterly. Members of the Society are also exempt from the publication charges assessed to manuscripts accepted for publication.

Human Organization is the journal of the Society for Applied Anthropology. Its primary objective is the scientific investigation of “the principles controlling the relations of human beings to one another…and the wide application of these principles to practical problems.” The journal regularly includes sections on government and industry, health and medical care, and international affairs. Articles report the application of concepts of social/behavioral science to issues and problems in the contemporary world. 

Practicing Anthropology is a career-oriented publication of the Society. Its overall goals are: to provide a vehicle of communication and a source of career information for anthropologists and other social scientists working outside academia; to encourage a bridge between practice and the university; and to explore the uses of the social sciences in policy research and implementation.

The SfAA News is a quarterly online newsletter geared toward the rapid disribution of news among the memebership. The Newsletter also features occasional exchanges around current or emerging issues or perspecives on understanding contemporary problems.  



The Society sponsors four prestigious awards:

• The Bronislaw Malinowski Award is presented annually in recognition of career achievements in the application of the social sciences to contemporary problems.

• The Margaret Mead Award recognizes a younger scholar for a particular accomplishment such as a book or film which interprets anthropological data and principles in ways that make them meaningful and accessible to a broadly concerned public. The Mead Award is sponsored jointly with the American Anthropological Association.

• The Peter K. New Award is a cash award presented each year to the winner of a student research paper competition.

• The Sol Tax Distinguished Service Award recognizes a member of SfAA, who provided distinguished and innovative service to applied anthropology and of long-term and truly distinguished service to the Society.

Membership Types

Sustaining Fellow

Sustaining Fellow - $195

Applicants for Sustaining Fellow status must have an advanced degree or present evidence of experience in the application of the social/behavioral sciences to contemporary issues. This option requires a nomination from a member of the SfAA Board.


Fellow - $155

Applicants for Fellow status must have an advanced degree or present evidence of experience in the application of the social/behavioral sciences to contemporary society. This option requires a nomination from a member of the SfAA Board.


Regular - $125

This category of membership is open to persons who have an interest in the application of the social/behavioral sciences.


Student (online only) - $65
Student (Print) - $80

Persons enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs may apply for this category of membership. (Note: beginning in 2011, the Board decided to limit publications for students to online only rather than raising student dues. You may pay $15 to have hard copies of Human Organization and Practicing Anthropology sent to you.


Emeritus - $65
Emeritus Fellow - $80

Members and Fellows who attain the age of 65 or who retire are eligible for this category of membership.


Joint - $65
Joint Fellow - $90
Joint Sustaining Fellow - $165

Members and Fellows who share the same postal address are eligible for this category of membership.

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