Committees & Topical Interest Groups (TIGs)


The Society for Applied Anthropology has a number of committees and Topical Interest Groups designed to act as forums for our members in specialized areas.  On this page, you will find links to current committee membership and posted resources provided by each of the committees. You will also find links to active TIGs on the SfAA Online Community.  

Executive Committee

Executive Committee


Jennifer Wies (2023-2025)  
Department of Anthropology  
Eastern Kentucky University  


Gemmae Fix (2022-2025)
School of Public Health
Boston University

Past President

Michael Paolisso (2023)
Department of Anthropology
University of Maryland


Carla Guerron Montero (2023-2026)
Department of Anthropology
University of Delaware



Award Committees

Distinguished Awards

Malinowski Committee

Katherine Johnson 2024
Spero Manson 2024
Lucero Radonic 2025
Colin West 2025

Mead Committee

Elaine Drew, Chair
Abby Vidmar (AAA) 2025
Robert Winthrop

Sol Tax Committee

Alejandra Colom 2024
Amy Drassan Ham, Chair 2025
Carlos Garcia-Quijano 2025
Riall Nolan 2026

Other Awards

P.K. New Committee

Richard Hessler, Chair 2025
Christina Getrich 2024
Jeffrey Colman Salloway 2025
Max Stein 2024

Pelto Committee

Judith Freidenberg, Chair Isaac Nyamongo
Russell Bernard Jon Pelto
Merrill Eisenberg Mark Schuller

Hackenberg Committee

Donald Stull, Chair  
Adrian Benedetti Kerry Feldman
Peter Kunstadter Michael Paolisso

Student Travel Awards

Bodley Committee

Amy Carattini 2025
Xianghong Feng  
Pasng Sherpa, Chair  
Kathleen Van Vlack 2025

Kushner Committee

Jay Sokolovsky, Chair
Gregory Reck
Maria Vesperi

Erve Chambers Committee

Melissa Stevens, Chair
Michael Paolisso
Tim Wallace
Jeanne Marie Stompf-Carome
Kristin Sullivan

Resettlement Committee

Michael Cernea, Chair Julie Maldonado
Chad Dear William Patridge
Lance Larkin Susan Tamondong

Bea Medicine Committee

Richard Stoffle, Chair Sean Daley
Ted Garner  

Del Jones Committee

Cirse Gonzalez 2025
Cynthia Grace-McCaskey 2024
Antoinette T. Jackson 2022
Kaniqua Robinson 2023

Spicer Committee

Kira Collins 2024
Alison Greenberg 2021
Lance Laird 2021
Carrie Pomeroy 2025

Standing Committees

Standing Committees


Jennifer R. Wies President
Michael Paolisso Past President
Gemmae Fix Secretary
Carla Guerron Montero Treasurer
Neil Hann Executive Director

Human Rights/Social Justice Committee

Human Rights & Social Justice Committee Page

Eric Bailey, Chair 2024
Joe Heyman 2020
James Loucky 2023
Amy Paul-Ward 2022

Nominations & Elections

Patricia M. Clay 2024
Shirley Fiske 2026
Hillary J. Haldane, Chair 2025

Oral History

Oral History Committee Page

John van Willigen 2024
Susan Abbott-Jamieson 2020
Juliana McDonald, Chair 2024


Melissa Cope  
Quinn Houlihan 2023
Sarah Lyon 2023
Sameena Mulla 2024
Kevin Newton 2023
Amy Paul-Ward, Chair 2023

Special Committees

Special Committees

Paredes Memorial Plenary

Richard Stoffle, Chair Kelly Fayard
Heidi Altman Steve Schensul
Alleen Deutsch Jay Sokolovsky

Kearney Lecture

Louise Lamphere, Chair 2027
Deborah Boehm 2026
Nancy Burke 2023
Maria Cruz-Torres 2025
Josiah Heyman 2025
Konane Martinez 2026
Carole Nagengast, Ex-Officio  
Tom Patterson 2027

Committee (SfAA Global)

Judith Freidenberg, Chair  
Alejandra Colom 2025
Robyn Eversole 2023
Megan Schmidt-Sane 2025

Racial Justice Task Force

Eric Bailey Heather Reisinger
Spirit Brooks Amy Paul-Ward
Sherri Briller Joyce Rivera-Gonzalez
Melinda Gonzaléz Risako Sakai
Noémie Gonzalez  

Topical Interest Groups

Topical Interest Groups

Members of the Society who share a particular interest may ask the Board to establish a Topical Interest Group. TIGs are informal vehicles for information exchange and collaboration. Requests for the formation of a TIG should include a brief rationale for the topic’s relevance to applied social science, and identification of founding members.

Once a TIG is formed it may publish information in the SfAA News, organize sessions at the annual meeting, and request a meeting room at the annual meeting. TIGs are asked to provide a written report to the Board in conjunction with the fall meeting of the Board each year.

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