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Inclusive Environments and Metrics in Biology Education and Research (iEMBER) is seeking applied anthropologists interested in studying inequity, education, STEM, gender, race/ethnicity, sexuality, social reproduction, cultural models, social capital, identity, careers, and various other topics to join its interdisciplinary network of researchers and change makers. 

iEMBER is hosting a workshop at the upcoming SFAA meeting on April 19, 2021 titled “Collaboration Workshop: Interdisciplinary Networking for Research in Undergraduate Biology/STEM Educational Equity.” The goal of the workshop is to create interdisciplinary teams of researchers addressing inclusion in biology education. iEMBER is NSF-funded and grants modest financial awards to support groups’ collaboration. 

Please join us at the upcoming SFAA meeting at our workshop and/or join our organization by visiting us at We welcome all fields and career levels. You can also email Rebecca Campbell-Montalvo ( or Jana Marcette ( for more information. Follow us on Twitter @iEMBER_Network.

As a member of iEMBER, anthropologists can find:

  • A bridge between the natural and social sciences;

  • A community outside of your department and field;

  • A space to work with natural scientists and educators who value your social science expertise;

  • Opportunities for learning, teaching, and advising that support inclusion and equity;

  • The chance to promote social diversity and inclusion in biology education; 

  • The opportunity to gain knowledge about disciplines in STEM;

  • The option to be a part of research teams and author publishable work in a variety of journals;

  • The possibility to collaborate outside of your field.

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