The Society for Applied Anthropology is pleased to announce the results of the Competition for the Michael M. Cernea Involuntary Resettlement Student Travel Award for 2019. The winner is Emma Banks,a PhD Candidate in the Anthropology Department, Vanderbilt University.  She will receive a travel scholarship of $500 to offset the expenses of attending the 79th Annual Meeting of the Society in Portland, OR, March 19-23, 2019.

Ms. Banks will present her paper, Applying Autonomous Consultation to Mining-Induced Resettlement in Colombia’s Coal Region on Friday, March 22.

The Involuntary Resettlement Student Travel Award recognizes students in Anthropology and related social sciences interested in researching and writing about development-caused population displacement and involuntary resettlement.

Please contact the SfAA Office for additional information.  A more detailed biography of each of the awardees will be featured on the SfAA website (, click on “Awards”) in April.

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