Fisheries & Coastal Communities TIG

August 1, 2019

The Fisheries and Coastal Communities TIG has been active this year. We are connect a disparate group of transdisciplinary individuals who work on similar issues in Sea Grant, NOAA Fisheries, and academia. We have been adding members every year since our founding in 2015, and our Google Group now has 90 members. We used this Group to coordinate and plan 9 fisheries sessions, many of them double sessions, for the 2019 SfAA meeting in Portland, on topics as varied as:

·      Fishing, food, and governance;

·      Risk, resilience, and climate change;

·      Collaborative marine reserves and other protected areas;

·      Engagement, well-being, and funding in marine and coastal management

·      Oral histories of fishing communities

·      Integrating social research in fisheries and marine policy

·      Indicators, forecasting, and long-term assessment in US fisheries

·      Equity and well-being in fisheries governance

·      Subsistence, food security, and environmental justice

Members also presented in several other sessions on related topics, such as food or disasters or climate change. We also helped to organize a roundtable on centering indigenous collaborations, which was very well attended. In addition, the subsistence session was chosen for a podcast recording. That can be found here: The TIG lead, Dr. Patricia M. Clay of NOAA Fisheries, was also chosen for an individual podcast. This is not yet available, however. 

One evening we held a FishyFolk gathering at the 2019 meeting at a room at a local pub, with 42 positive RSVPs and an attendance of 35-40 people. It was a great success and a Google Photos Group was used afterward to share pictures from the event. The Google Group also serves as a place to share jobs and grad student opportunities. To join the TIG, please email Trish Clay (

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