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SfAA Public Policy Committee Statement of Goals

We seek to increase the ability of SfAA to bring the results of anthropological research to bear on policy issues.  SfAA as an organization should speak on policy issues of particular importance.  Primarily, however, increased effectiveness in public policy must come through the actions of the membership.  Ideally, each of us should develop a better understanding of how to translate his or her own expertise into recommendations that are relevant and cogent in a policy domain.  Equally important, each of us should seek a better grasp of the policy process relevant to his or her expertise, to recognize the key players, the relevant interest groups, and the critical decision points, with the aim of becoming an effective actor within a given policy network.

Specific goals include the following:

  1. SfAA should increase its capacity to deliver relevant training to its membership on effective intervention within the policy process. 

  2. SfAA should encourage policy-relevant research to improve our ability to demonstrate expertise that is valid, reliable, and credible in a variety of policy areas. 

  3. SfAA should be able to react quickly and effectively on time-dependent issues to present anthropologically sound information and recommendations.


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