Medical Anthropologists and Social Scientists in Health (MASSH) TIG


General Purpose

The MASSH Topical Interest Group brings together anthropologists and allied social scientists working in applied health settings (hospitals, health departments, companies, community-based organizations, and universities) to promote professional development, research collaboration, and educational opportunities. We will cultivate a robust, engaged community to develop and harness the contributions of anthropological and related perspectives to health care and to support professional development at all career stages. This will be an interdisciplinary home to anthropologists and other social scientists with diverse academic training, methodological expertise, and practical investments in behavioral, community and structural intervention. 

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MASSH will invite diverse participants across all stages of their careers to participate in collaborative activities geared toward advancing professional development, research, and continuing education. Types of activities may include:

  • Bimonthly 1-hour “MASSH Connection” virtual lunches with speakers and/or moderators sharing expertise on topics such as professional promotion, writing NIH or other federal grants, conducting research with students, translating medical anthropology/health services research to healthcare professionals, and writing for different audiences.

  • Panels and get-togethers at SfAA Conferences.

  • A listserv that will be a resource for forging a community of practice among humanistic social scientists based in medical, public health, healthcare, and other health-aligned settings. The listserv may include professional development resources; job postings; writing tips; networking opportunities; calls for funding proposals; tips for framing anthropologically grounded research for large health funders (e.g., the US National Institutes of Health [NIH]); tips for navigating clinical spaces; disciplinary translation advice; methodological re/trainings; as well as virtual happy hours.

Organizer/contact person(s)

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