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The Anthropology of Higher Education Topical Interest Group (Higher Ed TIG) is an interdisciplinary group bringing together anthropologists and higher education scholars, practitioners, and administrators in other disciplines who are interested in anthropological perspectives on higher education. The mission of the Higher Ed TIG is to create impact on higher education operations, policy issues, instruction, and any other arising issues.

The research and practice of our affiliates address emerging questions about a wide array of developments in the higher education sector, including:

· Community Engagement
· Credentialing, Certification & Licensing
· Curriculum & Instruction
· Diversity, Inclusion & Equity
· Educational Technology
· Faculty Experience
· Institutional Change
· (Inter)disciplinarity
· Internationalization
· Leadership
· Libraries
· Student Experience & Engagement
· Teaching Anthropology
· Undergraduate Research


Our Activities

Our Activities

  • Organization of panels at the SfAA Annual Meetings

  • Publication of newsletters with updates for our affiliates

  • Organization of sessions and seminars at conferences of other organizations and on campuses

  • Publication of our affiliates’ research in various outlets

  • Online community

Become an Affiliate

Become an Affiliate

The Higher Ed TIG currently serves almost 500 affiliates, who stay connected via our listserv. The listserv serves to inform the affiliates about the Higher Ed TIG activities and provides an interactive platform for sharing a wide range of information related to anthropological perspectives on higher education, such as current developments in the field, research initiatives, publications, events, calls for papers, job opportunities, and so on.

Affiliation to the Higher Ed TIG is free. If you wish to subscribe to our listserv, please fill in this form:




Lauren Herckis
Carnegie Mellon University

Jim McDonald
University of Montevallo

Co-Chair Designate

Karla Davis-Salazar
University of South Florida

Vice Chairs

Nancy Uscher
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Organization of Higher Ed TIG sessions at conferences of organizations other than SfAA

Jennifer Wies
Ball State University
Facilitation of publications from Higher Ed TIG sessions at SfAA Annual Meetings

Advisory Board

Brian Foster, Chair
University of Missouri

Diane Austin ​​​​​​
Robert A. Rubinstein
Joe Donaldson
Susan Schalge
Meta Gorup
Nicole Taylor
Anne Larrivee
Kristen Vogt Veggeberg



If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, don’t hesitate to drop us an email:


Documents and Publications

Higher Ed TIG Panels at the
SfAA Annual Meetings

SfAA 2019 Annual Meeting - Portland

SfAA 2018 Annual Meeting - Philadelphia

SfAA 2017 Annual Meeting - Santa Fe

SfAA 2016 Annual Meeting - Vancouver

Our Affiliates’ Publications

Foster, B. L., Graham, S. W., & Donaldson, J. F. (Eds.). (2018). Navigating the Volatility of Higher Education: Anthropological and Policy Perspectives. Information Age Publishing.

Foster, B. L. (Ed.). (2017). The Changing World of Higher Education [Special issue]Practicing Anthropology 39 (2).

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