Call for Malinowski Nominations

Malinowski.pngThe Society for Applied Anthropology considers each year nominations for the Malinowski Award. This Award is presented to a senior social scientist in recognition of a career dedicated to understanding and serving the needs of the world's societies.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is December 15.

A nomination should include a detailed letter, a curriculum vitae, letters of support, and sample publications. A more detailed description of the Award and the nomination process is included on the SfAA web site at:

The Malinowski Award was initiated by the Society in 1973. Since that time, it has been presented to distinguished social scientists including Gunnar Myrdal, Sir Raymond Firth, Margaret Clark, and Conrad Arensberg.

The nominee should be of senior status, and widely recognized for efforts to understand and serve the needs of the world through the use of the social sciences.

Please contact the SfAA Office if you have any questions or wish additional information by calling (405) 843-5113, or emailing at:

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