SfAA Election Results

Michael Paolisso


The election results are in for 2022! Thanks to all the candidates for their willingness to serve, particularly during these challenging times. The elected candidates are listed below. However, other candidates have accepted committee positions and hopefully will consider running again for elected office.

As our incoming president, we welcome back to the board Dr. Jennifer Wies. Jennifer was the SfAA Treasurer for 12 years and brings to the board extensive experience in organizational and financial management. Her in-depth knowledge of the SfAA’s financial needs and goals will be put to good use as we continue to adapt to the coronavirus pandemic and plan our future. Dr. Wies is a professor of anthropology and associate provost at Eastern Kentucky University whose research focuses on applied anthropology and gender-based violence. As Jennifer comes aboard, our current past-president, Sherilyn Briller, will move on to other applied anthropology pursuits, while still remaining an active member. There are no words to accurately describe all that Sherri has contributed to the SfAA during her tenure as president. On her watch, we experienced the full force of the coronavirus pandemic impacts. She worked effectively and tirelessly throughout. The SfAA owes her the deepest gratitude for her professionalism, skills and endless commitment to the SfAA.   

SfAA members also selected Dr. Eric Bailey for a three-year term as Secretary. Eric is a professor of anthropology and public health at East Carolina University, and has for years served as chair of the SfAA Human Rights and Social Justice Committee. Eric’s broad research and teaching interests include topics such as race, health, human rights and justice. As Eric takes over the very important role of SfAA Secretary, we cannot thank enough Dr. Jane Gibson who has served as least two tours of duty as our secretary. In between organizing and recording the work of the board, she contributed critical ideas and perspectives in a timely, concise and clear manner. She will be missed.

We have three new board members: Drs. Nathaniel (Niel) TashimaTeresa Johnson and Sherilyne Jones, all of whom bring value experience and expertise to the board. They will assume office on March 24, 2022, during the spring meeting of the board.

Niel is managing partner of LTG Associates where he works on corporate strategic planning, implementation and evaluation of projects, and directs fieldwork on projects focusing on health and human services.

Teresa is an associate professor at the University of Maine. Her research focuses on how to improve the efficacy of participatory approaches to science and management and to empower stakeholder and community engagement in policy, with focus on the human dimensions of fisheries, aquaculture, and marine renewable energy. 

Sherilyne is a graduate student in anthropology at the University of South Florida and brings extensive leadership experience to the board through her involvement with numerous Caribbean organizations and as the former Director of the National Museum of Belize. Our heartfelt thanks to our three outgoing board members: Drs. Melinda González, Judith Freidenberg and Carlos Vélez-Ibáñez. Their many contributions over these past few years were instrumental in guiding us through the pandemic and helping us emerge as a stronger and more resilient organization. Collectively and individually they have helped the SfAA strengthen efforts to be a more inclusive and global organization, and this legacy will continue to influence the board in coming years.  

Finally, Dr. Hillary Haldane was elected to the Nominations and Elections Committee. Hillary is a professor of anthropology at Quinnipiac University. She is committed to generating inclusive and diverse slates for the elections, and to ensure a heterogeneity of voices are contributing to the governance of the Society.

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