New Tools for You and Your Colleagues to Promote Your Valuable Contributions to the Annual Meeting!

A.J. Faas 
2024 Program Chair

Have you been following SfAA’s gorgeous new promo campaigns on LinkedIn, Instagram, X/Twitter, and Facebook? The SfAA office has been positively on fire circulating visually compelling promotions for our awards and annual meeting programming. Now it’s time to share some of these tools with you, treasured members and participating partners, so that we can really maximize our presence on social media and let attendees and the public know what you’re up to and how to find you! Thanks to the creative suggestions of our fabulous Student Committee (tip ‘o the hat to Michelle Hak Hepburn!), we’ve created these wonderful new templates you can use to plug in the data for your poster, paper, or session and post to social media.

You can find them all on the SfAA website here:

Here’s how they work:

  • Click on the image for poster, session, or paper to download the PDF templates (don’t just right click the image, since that’s low resolution)

  • Open the PDF in Adobe, Canva, or whatever app you use to edit PDFs

  • Plug in your information and save the file as an image (e.g., jpeg, png)

  • Upload your promo to the social media sites of your choice (e.g., Threads, BlueSky, LinkedIn, Instagram, X/Twitter Facebook)

  • Be sure to include the hashtag #SfAA2024 so we can develop a collective social media presence

  • Post early, post often, and don’t forget to follow the hashtag to find out all we have in store for SfAA 2024!

We’ll see you in Santa Fe!

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