President’s Column

wies.jpgJennifer Wies
SfAA President
Associate Provost and Professor of Anthropology
Eastern Kentucky University

Thank you for your contributions that resulted in successful Annual Meetings in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Everything from the presentations, workshops, and roundtables to the receptions and the well-attended student party was filled with energy and the hopefulness of the work you each engage in.

As the Society emerges from the disruptions of the past few years, the Board is looking to a future that is mission-centered and sustainable.  To guide the Board’s efforts for the next few years, we participated in an intensive and productive strategic prioritizing session during the April 1 Board meeting in Cincinnati.  During that session, I saw and felt the passion and inspiration that so many of us find in the Society- creative and data-driven ideas about annual meetings and publications, empathetic and social justice-oriented goals for member and registrant engagement, and dedicated and loyal contributions of time and talent to the Society’s mission.  

As change persists in our organization, the Board will continue to engage the membership in conversations about impactful actions. I encourage you to reach out with ideas and feedback.

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