Humans - An Introduction to Four-Field Anthropology

Humans.jpgAlice Beck Kehoe
Andrew J Petto
(2nd edition, 2023, Routledge)

Humans is a clear, jargon-free introduction to four-field anthropology.  Addressing the most important and relevant questions in anthropology, it provides students with an understanding of the unity of the human species, the adaptation of societies to their environments (physical and political), and an appreciation of the power of socialization into a culture.

The authors ensure that the book takes a balanced approach to all four fields, covering topics such as cultural relativism, humans as a biological species, primates, ecology, communicating, regulating societies, economics, and religion. This new edition is fully updated with  new material on evolution, genetics, and archaeology to reflect the latest research and recent changes in the field. 

Pedagogical features include a study guide and notes for instructors. This book is an ideal introduction for students meeting anthropology as a new approach to working with people, in business, engineering, the  medical fields, social agencies, and sports.

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