Consciously Quarantined

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“Consciously Quarantined:
A COVID-19 response from the Social Sciences”

As the situation surrounding COVID-19 intensifies and concern mounts, many of us will be self-isolating and facing the next few weeks quarantined at home. This makes it an opportune moment to collectively gather our thoughts and reflect critically on the unfolding situation and the wider effects that this pandemic will have on humans and society.

The UCL Medical Anthropology blog will be running a special series on COVID-19 as viewed from the social sciences, in order to invite and facilitate a productive space for staff and students from UCL and beyond to contemplate, discuss, and reflect on these trying times.

We invite submissions of short articles (around 600-1000 words, but this has some flexibility), on any topic that addresses Coronavirus and the global situation, preferably with accompanying photographs if at all possible given the circumstances.

Article themes can range from country-specific cases, analysis of material culture/ hoarding, personal reflections, frustrations and thoughts, comments on the surrounding politics and public health, wider histories and experiences of past epidemics/pandemics, and anything in between, of relevance.

Submissions are open to individuals of any career stage, from any institution (including those outside of academia working in health systems, NGOs, etc), and would be particularly encouraged from undergraduate and postgraduate students who find their studies interrupted at this time.

As this situation is developing fast, we aim to publish posts regularly and will begin the blog series as soon as possible. Submissions will be ongoing and there is no deadline in place.

If you would like to submit a completed article, or have an idea for a piece that you would like to discuss, please get in touch with Rebecca ( ) or Sahra ( ).

Thank you in advance for your submissions, and please do not hesitate to be in contact with your queries and suggestions.

We look forward to this diverse and interesting blog series!

Stay safe,
Rebecca and Sahra (Series editors)


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