New Children's Book by Mary de Chesnay

Emily, Angel of the Yukon.jpegMary de Chesnay, member of SFAA and CONAA published a children’s book entitled: Emily, Angel of the Yukon to tell the story of a nurse in Nome, Alaska during the 1925 diphtheria epidemic that nearly devastated the indigenous people in the surrounding area. The story follows the Great Serum Run to Nome, Alaska to deliver antitoxin to Nome and Emily Morgan’s efforts to administer the serum to the Yupik and Inuit people. I did not find enough material on the nurse to write a scholarly biography, so turned the basic story into a children’s book. If they learn nothing else from the book, kids should learn to call indigenous people by their tribal affiliation and not Eskimo as was common in those days.

Mary de Chesnay and Donna Sabella have received a contract for a multidisciplinary book on human trafficking. Several members of CONAA have agreed to submit chapters and we are anxious to include contributors from any discipline. The book is global and multidisciplinary and will be appropriate for any discipline in which human trafficking is a course offering. Interested contributors are invited to contact Mary de Chesnay at for further information. 

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