Academic Career Development and Teaching Skills Workshop

Effective Teaching in Medical Schools: 
Translating Anthropological Knowledge to Practice.

Friday, March 25, 9:00-11:00 am
Society for Applied Anthropology annual conference. Salt Lake City, Utah
Organized by Dr. Iveris L. Martinez, (California State University, Long Beach)
and Dr. Dennis W. Wiedman (Florida International University)
Sponsored by Society for Medical Anthropology
     and the National Association for the Practice of Anthropology


This workshop is designed for anthropologists engaged in medicine and other health profession education who wish to develop frameworks and concrete learning strategies for more effective teaching by translating theoretical and ethnographic knowledge into clinical contexts.  The workshop will also enhance knowledge and skills of anthropology graduate students who desire work in medical education to address challenges presented in translating anthropological knowledge and being effective medical educators.  Faculty content experts use a combination of brief lectures and small group activities to enable participants to create teaching materials based on their own settings and learning outcomes. The workshop is divided into two parts.  First, participants hear brief presentations by content experts.  Then, attendees break into small groups led by expert faculty to learn these techniques, to discuss their specific learning objectives and start developing their own teaching materials. This workshop is designed as an immersive, hands-on learning experience. Content experts are chapter authors and editors of the 2021 book: “Anthropology in Medical Education: Sustaining Engagement and Impact.”  For more information email -

Learning Objectives:  On completion of this workshop, participants will know how to: 

1) identify challenges faced by anthropologists teaching in clinical fields.

2) describe effective strategies for teaching in medicine and other health professions.

3) develop learning objectives and materials for translating anthropological knowledge to practice.

Overview of Topics

1. Jerome Crowder (University of Houston) – Using the arts & reflection to integrate anthropological perspectives in medicine.

2. Mary Alice Scott (University of New Mexico) - Making the argument for anthropology in accreditation requirements for family medicine residencies.

3. Rosalynn Vega (University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley) - Ethnography in clinic: rendering visible the culture of biomedicine and creating opportunities for whole person (“patient-centered”) care.

4. Iveris Martinez (California State University, Long Beach)- Strategies for teaching Cultural humility and racial health disparities. 

5. Juliet McMullin (UC Riverside) – Collaborating with medical students on community engaged research.                                                                                                                          Version of January 22, 2022

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