On International Women’s Day, March 8th, the “Taking Care of You” team is launching #1MillionMoreWomen - a grassroots effort to build a community of women who inspire & support each other to better health, and work together to improve healthcare for EVERY woman. Because we ALL deserve good health and healthcare. (More here from CBS and Chelsea Clinton!

Women’s voices are at the heart of this campaign. We want to hear from EVERY WOMAN ages 18-100+ on 1) her health goals, 2) her health and healthcare related difficulties, and 3) what type of support she needs to meet her health goals! 

I’d love your help in making more women aware of this campaign - whether it is through media or a formal partnership (official invite attached- we would highlight your group/organization on our partners page to direct women to your business). If interested in supporting us, please fill out https://www.tiny.cc/visionaries and let me know :)

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Medical Anthropologist 
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