Meet the New Human Organization Editor

Lenore Manderson,  Ph.D.
University of the Witwatersrand
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Lenore Manderson’s practice of applied anthropology derives from her appointments in medicine/health sciences faculties in Australia and now South Africa over 40 years, and her commitment to the discipline as contributing to addressing inequality in diverse fields. She moved to U Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, in 2014 to contribute tangibly to research training, mentoring and career support of African researchers. 

Lenore’s research brings together interests in infectious disease and chronic conditions, structural inequality and social justice, as well as gender and sexuality (as a founder and President 2001-2003 of IASSCS). She increasingly works on climate science and the environment, where our voice is urgent. She teaches on biodiversity, climate change and innovation in the IE Brown Executive MBA.

Since 1988, she has served on advisory groups, committees and scientific consultations for TDR, WHO and other multilateral agencies, governments and research programs, contributing to agenda setting, policy development and reviews nationally and internationally. She was a member of the SfAA International Committee, 2000-2003; Malinowski Award Selection Committee, Member 2003-2005, Chairperson 2005-2007; and Margaret Mead Award Selection Committee, Member 2016-2017, Chairperson 2018. She is an outgoing member of the SfAA Board and contributes to the work of the Publications Committee.  Because of time differences between the US, Australia and South Africa, Lenore is probably the SfAA member who gets the least sleep.  She is also probably one of the most published of our ranks.

Lenore is committed to supporting anthropologists in government, non-profit and for-profit sectors, and in interdisciplinary settings where we are able have impact on policy, service design and delivery, and social and economic life. 

This year, the SfAA leadership accepted her proposal to edit Human Organization, and she will do so, first on her own and eventually in partnership with Lisa Hardy, who edits Practicing Anthropology. ​​​​​​​

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