An Intervention to Vaccinate Hard to Reach Populations Against COVID-19

Roberta D. Baer
University of South Florida

This report describes an innovative health intervention which built on trusted relationships to effectively create a COVID-19 vaccination program that met the needs of participants from over 15 different cultural backgrounds. We believe the strengths and success of this intervention in vaccinating/boosting nearly 200 individuals from refugee/immigrant/farmworker populations are due to a design based in applied medical anthropology. It incorporated interpersonal trust and local level community involvement to reassure participants. We suggest specific approaches for use in projects of this type. (University of South Florida, 10/22)

R. Baer, D. Mahoney, E. Gonzalez, K. Zwygart, and A. Oxner.
2022  An Intervention to Vaccinate Hard to Reach Populations Against COVID-19.
CommuniVax: Monthly Roundup, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, November 18, 2022.

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