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It’s Been Another Full Year and We Still Miss You

The ExtrACTION Team
Anna Willow, Elisabeth Moolinear, Jeanne Simonelli

One of the hardest decisions made by the SfAA Executive Board is what to do about already scheduled annual meetings.  Three years ago, our bags were packed, bound for Albuquerque, when the meeting was cancelled. It was a good call, as the State of New Mexico closed down the following week.  But it was too late to move to a virtual platform.  Two years  ago, the decision was made enough in advance that a vibrant virtual meeting could be planned. It was pretty successful. Last year, March 2022, brought us the first hybrid meeting and the ExtrACTION and Environment TIG was part of the group meeting in Salt Lake City or from your home. 

We would love to see as many of you in person this year in Cincinnati.  Cincinnati is an interesting city, near the Kentucky border. Join us for what could be bright sun and blue skies, snowstorms or tornados.  The venue is an art deco hotel with lovely rooms.  Make your reservations soon.

We invite you to especially participate in a joint session sponsored by ExtrACTION, Risk and Disaster and PESO.  Our interests and activities often overlap, and this is a chance to join us. 

(TH-136) THURSDAY 5:30-6:45 
Salon I 

(W-13) WEDNESDAY 9:00-10:45 
Salon F 
New Perspectives on Environmental Justice and Health (ExtrAction & Environment TIG) 

AMPADU, Felix (U Arizona) Developing Sustainable Investments in Legacy Mining Communities and Towns in Arizona 
HINDS, Kris-An (USF) A Critical Analysis of the Socio-Ecological Dynamics of Natural Resource Management for Coastal Communities in Belize 
O’LEARY, Heather (USF), EL SAYED, Marwa, and PARR, Scott (Embry Riddle Aeronautical U), SMILES, Deondre (UVic) The New Crossroads of Breathing Data: Integrating Traffic, Social Media, and Air Quality Indicators

(W-43) WEDNESDAY 11:15-1:00 
Salon F&G 
Climate Change: Challenges and Transitions (ExtrAction & Environment TIG) 

CHAIR: ZLOLNISKI, Christian (UTA)​​​​​​​
ZLOLNISKI, Christian (UTA) Plundering the Commons: Extraction and Commodification of Mexican Beach Pebbles for US Markets in the Age of Climate Change 
GLOVER, Mia (U Denver) A Socio-Economic Study on Climate, Fishing Practices, and Their Effect on Dugong Populations in Palau 
SITTINGER, Kaya and JACQUET, Jeffrey (OH State U) Opposition to Solar Energy Projects across United States Climate Projections 
TADOKORO, Kiyoshi (Toyo U) The Impact of Natural Gas Development on People’s Way of Understanding Social and Environmental Change in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea 
BETTINI, Anna (U Calgary) Toward an Equitable and Just Transition?: On the Future of Energy in Alberta, Canada

(W-73) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:15 
Salon F 
Communities, Conservation, and Collaboration (ExtrAction & Environment TIG) 

CHAIR: FARLEY, Kate (Missouri Botanical Garden) ​​​​​​​
BRUNS, Bryan (Independent) Crafting Groundwater Governance Together 
ROBERTS, Michael and MILMAN, Anita (UMassAmherst) Uncharted Groundwater: Making Sense of a Mandate to Manage Groundwater 
COMMERCON, Francis (Yale U) Shorebird Perspectivism: Integrating Non-Human Agency into Conservation Planning 
FARLEY, Kate (Missouri Botanical Garden) Local Knowledge and Folk Conservation in Rural America: American Ginseng as a Case Study 
NARAHARA, Karine (UNT) Anthropologists as Translators: Participatory Management of Extractive Reserves in the Brazilian Amazon

(TH-16) THURSDAY 9:00-10:45 
Salon I 
Is Conservation “For the Birds?”: Challenges and Opportunities for Incorporating Human Dimensions into Natural Resource Management and Conservation for More Equitable and Just Outcomes, Part I (ExtrAction & Environment TIG) 

CHAIRS: VAN DOLAH, Elizabeth (Nature Conservancy) and MILLER HESED, Christine (NCCASC, CIRES, UC-Boulder) 
PANELISTS: CALDAS, Astrid (Union of Concerned Scientists), KEECH, Donnelle (The Nature Conservancy MD/DC), RAULIN, Jennifer (MD Dept of Nat’l Resources), SCHULZ, Terri (The Nature Conservancy CO)​​​​​​​

THURSDAY 3:45-5:30 
Salon A
ExtrAction & Environment TIG Business Meeting

(TH-136) THURSDAY 5:30-6:45 
Salon I 
Bridging the Gap: Exploring Research Agendas across ExtrAction & Environment, Risk & Disaster, and PESO 

CHAIR: MOOLENAAR, Elisabeth (Regis U) 
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: SIMONELLI, Jeanne (Wottsamotta U), HEYMAN, Josiah (UTEP), MOOLENAAR, Elisabeth (Regis U), STOREY, Angela (U Louisville)​​​​​​​

(F-09) FRIDAY 9:00-10:45 
Caprice 1&4 
Power/Knowledge in Teaching, Researching, and Responding to Extractivism, Part I (ExtrAction & Environment TIG) 

CHAIRS: MOOLENAAR, Elisabeth and SWAMY, Raja (Regis U) ​​​​​​​
SWAMY, Raja (UTK) Knowledge and Public Practice after Disasters
BLACK, Mitchell (U Pretoria) Philosophical Praxis at the Coal Front: Climate Justice and the Crises of Socio-ecological (Re)production 
TURNER, Christopher Lindsay (Smithsonian, Nat’l Museum of the American Indian) Revealing//Reviewing the Power of the Museum in Mediating Knowledge of Environmental Justice

(F-39) FRIDAY 11:15-1:00 
Caprice 1&4 
Power/Knowledge in Teaching, Researching, and Responding to Extractivism, Part II (ExtrAction & Environment TIG) 

CHAIRS: MOOLENAAR, Elisabeth and SWAMY, Raja (Regis U) 
​​​​​​​Open Discussion

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