2023 Pelto International Award Announcement

Nomination Deadline: October 2, 2022

Award Description 

As part of the SfAA’s international initiative, the Pelto International Award is intended to strengthen and expand relationships between the SfAA and applied anthropology outside of the United States.  The goal is to support the development of applied social science in low- and mid-income countries.

The award provides support to a scholar/practitioner in low- and mid-income countries with: 

(1)  A grant of U.S. $1,350 to support applied anthropology activities in the awardee’s country  

(2) Three years of membership in the SfAA

(3) Three years of registration at the SfAA annual meetings  

Award Selection Criteria

  • Citizenship or permanent residence in a low- and mid-income countries (as classified by the World Bank for the nomination year)

  • A master's degree or higher in an applied social science 

  • Affiliation with an educational institution, government agency, or community-based organization in the awardee’s home country

  • Demonstration of innovative applications of social science theory and methods to address social problems

  • Evidence of engagement with grassroots programs, organizations, or other entities that build community capacity necessary to understand and address social problems 

  • Demonstration of involvement in capacity building for applied social science in the awardee’s home country

Award Nomination Materials 

  • A letter of nomination from an SfAA member 

  • A supporting letter from an SfAA member or from an applied social scientist in the nominee’s home country

  • An application from the nominee including the following items:

    1. Applicant information (name; address, telephone number, email address; resume and/or curriculum vitae; name and address of nominee’s institution 

    2. A list of activities proposed to advance the application of social science in the nominee’s country with award funding

    3. An agreement to deliver a virtual presentation on the state of applied anthropology in the nominee’s country during a Pelto Award panel session at the SfAA annual meetings 

    4. An agreement to serve on the Pelto Committee for the award year and for two additional consecutive years 

Nomination Deadline: October 2, 2022 

Send all Materials to:  info@appliedanthro.org

Questions? Contact Pelto Committee members H. Russell Bernard (ufruss@ufl.edu); Judith Freidenberg (jfreiden@umd.edu); Isaac Keango Nyamongo (inyamongo@cuk.ac.ke); Mark Schuller (mschuller@niu.edu); Jim Waldram (j.waldram@usask.ca); 

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