Work in NYC with COVID-19 deaths

Teresa 'Lilly' White, PhD 
Bone & Stone Anthrosciences, LLC
Missoula, MT 

Kenyon International Emergency Services 
Team Member

Here is a short article about my work in NYC with COVID-19 deaths.

"Anthropology Ph.D. Teresa “Lilly” White has spent the last couple of months in New York City as a condolence specialist responsible for helping Covid-19 deceased patients’ families in the New York City boroughs through the recovery process. Her story is truly inspirational and we are truly proud of our doctoral graduate and the important work she is doing in the center of the virus pandemic. It was this time a year ago that President Bodnar presented Dr. White with her Ph.D. in Anthropology. Who would have thought a year later that Lilly’s work using anthropological methods to help tragic victims’ families would have been so impactful?" (Excerpt from article)

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