Human Organization upcoming COVID-19 special issue

HO_Cover.jpgThe editors of Human Organization are pleased to announce the upcoming COVID-19 special issue, to be published on December 1, 2020.  The nine papers included in the issue were selected from a pool of 40 abstracts and highlight the way in which anthropology and other social sciences have responded to the multiple challenges posed by the pandemic in a variety of settings and populations.  Topics include the experiences of frontline health providers in long-term care settings in North Carolina; the impact of the pandemic on the delivery of medication assisted treatment to individuals with addiction disorders in Arizona; the special challenges faced by asylum seekers and refugees in Italy; the way in which Congolese refugees in Tampa understand and follow COVID-19 state and federal regulations; the difficulties faced by families on welfare in Miami; the way in which college students use technology to overcome loneliness and isolation during social distancing; the disruption in the operation of food supply chains in Brazil; the effective way in which a Chinese immigrant community in Italy has kept the virus under control; and the setting of a new research agenda from the perspective of the anthropology of disasters.

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