Garden Activists dig in during Pandemic

Applied Cultural Anthropologist and Garden Activist – Susan Andreatta

For the past decade, I have coordinated the UNCG Gardens, where we have 50 raised beds for faculty, staff and students to use. I also serve as the liaison for the student garden club, which helps foster our gardening community. As you can imagine, for participants it is a labor of love, especially as we work through the summer heat with temperatures in the 90s and high humidity. Over the years many faculty, staff and students have participated in growing at UNCG Gardens, these experiences have fostered more community gardens in the area, others to garden at their homes or even purchase land to farm.  Recently the University did a story on us working in this summer’s garden during the Covid-19 pandemic. Here is the link to their story -

Andreatta 1.jpg

L to r: UNCG undergraduate Mia Hoskins, alumna Margaret Childers, and garden co-director Dr. Susan Andreatta take a brief break from working to pose for a picture on a hot July afternoon.

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