Chen.jpegYi-Tsun Chen, Ph.D.


I am a researcher conducting the global and public health studies through a critical lens. My PhD study of the AIDS pandemic in Taiwan received 2020 ANU Gender Institute Prize for Excellence in Gender and Sexuality research. I am holding a position as a technical officer at the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of Canberra.

I have worked in a wide range of positions responsible for research grants management, policy and practice analysis, and research strategy planning. I am a certified full-stack web developer, an information consultant for the routine immunisation management.

I was the former President of Taiwanese Association of Canberra, Australia facilitating the Association to achieve: the highest amount of funding and sponsorship from stakeholders since its establishment, the greater engagement of the Canberran Taiuwanese with the broader Australian communities, the increasing visibility of promoting Taiwan’s diplomatic participation in the World Health Organisation.

I am skilled in establishing practical knowledge for community works. Working closely with community members and services sectors and being deeply engaged in the everyday lives of vulnerable people, I am highly committed to the principals of equity, social justice, and human rights.

Being a member of the society for more than two years, I have been able to evolve my understanding of anthropology beyond academic discussion. My increasing engagement with a diverse range of audiences is facilitated through the translation of anthropological knowledge into local practices.

As a passionate advocate for social cohesion and justice, I have been compassionate, practical, and thorough in his research and very engaged in the subject matter. I have assisted several Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in both Taiwan and Australia in raising matters of importance to members of both governments.

As an advocate for democratic values in human organisation and practising anthropology, I wish to be considered as a nominee for the member of SfAA open board. My representation of the interests of the society and its members will ensure the governance and policies of SfAA will be not only financially sustainable, but also in line with the available bylaws or the standing order otherwise.

If elected, I am confident in increasing the growth of membership for the Society by providing quality services. The operations of the society can be sustainably maintained to the benefit of our members through my visions to promote:

  1. The voices, visibility, and wellbeing of members when juggling the increasing commitments for our profession and families.
  2. Mutual relationships and dialogue with the state-of-art digital development and emerging threats to human societies.
  3. Partnerships between our members, local communities, and stakeholders to support and disseminate the values we as anthropologists promote and are dedicated to.

I’ll adapt myself to contingencies, arising from the global changing environments, to uphold values of the society. I am committed to make a positive impact on ‘the quality of life in the world’ by promoting membership to practise public engagement, integrity, accountability, inclusivity, and innovation in each of our own professions.

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