Henderson.jpgPragart Timothy Henderson

University of North Texas

I appreciate the opportunity to share why being the Student Representative at the SfAA is important, and why I believe I am a strong candidate to fulfill this role and responsibility.

 Since undergrad, I have desired to be at the heart of Anthropology, both the practicing and the academic. I believe the ongoing application of Anthropology holds the key to mitigating most of humanity’s ills, and that students exposed to Anthropology go on to become kinder and considerate human beings overall. I have admired and studied my professors, mentors and heroes for years; their words and writings have changed my life, opened my eyes and softened my heart. But it wasn’t until Cincinnati, when I found myself in an elevator face-to-face with Louise Lamphere, that I realized how wonderful and impactful attending the annual meeting could be for students like me. Getting the opportunity to meet, listen to, and learn from revered scholars and practitioners meant so much. I want to be part of this SfAA community. 

I joined SfAA last Fall right after I found out I would be presenting in the Spring. I believe that my experience presenting this year will enable me to encourage student membership and involvement with an authentic zeal. I believe presenting and participating builds confidence, hones public speaking skills, and provides training all within a professional and safe space. And as an online student, the face-to-face interaction and camaraderie at the convention was encouraging and motivational. I am excited to learn the many ways students can contribute to and benefit from the SfAA. I want to share this with fellow Anthropology students and being their representative will make this possible. 

I also want to contribute. I want to be invested and involved in the field of Anthropology. I already champion our discipline and its potential to anyone that will listen. For the past two semesters, I have been fortunate to work as an Undergrad Teacher’s Assistant. From day one, I have enjoyed communicating with students, answering questions and collaborating towards solutions. I deeply appreciate the kindness and gentleness of my fellow anthropology students and I hope to teach at the in the future. I cannot think of a better group of people to serve and represent. 

Finally, I believe my positionality benefits this role. Everyone is unique, part of my story is that I am an adopted Asian-American who was raised and has worked in Asia, the Caribbean and the United States. I was a returning student when I earned my Bachelors and now while I work on my masters, my son is a college Junior. Not only am I entrenched with university students but am also supporting one. 

In summary, while I believe I possess the communication skills, professional demeanor and positionality to fulfill this role, I also enter with intangibles like experiential loyalty, academic reverence, and an almost evangelistic zeal for the study and application of Anthropology. 

Thank you for your kind consideration.

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