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SfAA was founded in 1941 to promote the investigation of the principles of human behavior and the application of these principles to contemporary issues and problems. The Society is unique among professional associations in membership and purpose – and in representing the interests of professionals in a wide range of settings including academia, business, law, public health, medicine, environment, and government. The unifying factor is a commitment to making an impact on the quality of life in the world.

SfAA Statement on Global Violence, Systemic Racism, and Deep Inequities

2024 Meeting Agenda

Annual Meeting

2024 AM Logo.jpgAnnual Meeting

Enchantment and Transformation

84th Annual Meeting
March 26-30, 2024
El Dorado Hotel & Spa
Santa Fe, NM

The SfAA Annual Meeting provides an invaluable opportunity for scholars, practicing social scientists, and students from a variety of disciplines and organizations to discuss their work and brainstorm for the future. It is more than just a conference: it’s a rich place to trade ideas, methods, and practical solutions, as well as enter the lifeworld of other professionals. SfAA members come from a variety of disciplines -- anthropology, sociology, economics, business, planning, medicine, nursing, law, and other related social/behavioral sciences. Make 2024 the year you’ll spend a few days presenting, learning, and networking in Santa Fe, NM with the SfAA.

Awards & Prizes

Awards & Prizes

The Society for Applied Anthropology proudly sponsors prestigious awards including the Malinowski Award, the Peter K. New Award, and the Sol Tax Award; as well as co-sponsoring the Margaret Mead Award with the American Anthropological Association. In addition, the Society offers 12 student travel awards to help offset the costs of attending the Annual Meeting.

Malinowski Award|Sol Tax Award|Margaret Mead Award|Peter K. New Award|Hackenberg Award|Pelto International Travel Award|Bodley Student Travel Award|Cernea Resettlement Student Travel Award|Human Rights Defender Student Travel Award|Del Jones Student Travel Award|Kushner Student Travel Award|Bea Medicine Student Travel Award|Spicer Student Travel Award|Student Endowed Travel Award|Valene Smith Poster Award|Student Poster Prize

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Online Journals

Online Journals

SfAA's mission through publishing articles that advance, synthesize, and interpret the application of anthropological method and theory is to analyze solutions of practical problems in the contemporary world. 

Access previous and current issues of Human Organization and Practicing Anthropology online.

Member Access to Journals

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Oral History Project

Oral History Project

The goal of the SfAA Oral History Project is the documentation of applied/practicing anthropology through recorded oral history interviews that are properly archived, transcribed, and disseminated. Topics which are important to the project include the experiences of applied/practicing anthropologists in various domains of application in the past, the history of precedent-setting projects,  the history of the SfAA and other related organizations and the history of applied/practicing anthropology training programs. Special attention will be directed to interviewing persons that have received awards from the Society. The project also attempts to identify related resources such as oral history interviews relating to the history of application and practice in anthropology.



The SfAA strives to find and create opportunities for students, scholars, and practioners to further enjoy and develop their work. Here you will find information on current jobs relevant to applied anthropologists, other organizations of interest, and universities that offer degrees oriented towards the applied social sciences.




Podcast Project

The SfAA Podcast Project is a student-led initiative to provide audio records of sessions from the Annual Meetings to the public, free of charge. We strive to include a broad range of interests from diverse perspectives with the intent of extending conversations throughout the years. Our ultimate goal is to make these dialogues accessible to a global audience.

Since 2007, the Podcast Project has published over 150 podcasts, has touched 6 continents, and has experienced over 110,000 views. 

Podcast Project Page

New HO Editor

New Editor of Human Organization

We are excited to announce the new editor of Human Organization: Lenore Manderson. Lenore is a long-time SfAA member and has served the society in numerous positions, and has extensive editorial experience. Lenore served for 11 years as the editor of Medical Anthropology. Lenore has extensive experience in practice, research, and publishing. She has brought many exciting ideas to our board and publication committee about how to increase readership and access to HO and support to practitioners and academics. Her term will begin in January 2023. Over the next six months, through listening sessions and possibly a survey, and in sessions at our annual meeting in Cincinnati, she will engage our members in discussions about how best to serve your needs and disseminate your work as we explore new ideas and approaches for Human Organization.

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