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Framing Migration: A SfAA Global Roundtable

The knowledge that organizations assume, produce, and use on migration has short and long-range impacts on the people that move. How do organizations in diverse sectors conceptualize, operationalize, and apply such knowledge? What are the premises and bases for their assumptions, designs, and approaches of understanding and application? Do sectors dialogue or collaborate across organizational boundaries to maximize the impact of their policies and programs? After a short introduction by the coordinators, panelists representing six different sectors –print media, international assistance organization, non-governmental organization, museum exhibitions, think tank, and academia– present how they frame the underlying architecture of migration. The public is invited to dialogue with panelists to understand their framing, the impact of their actions on the
migrants themselves, and future applications and reconsiderations.


Interfaces of Global Applied Anthropology

This series of webcasts are from a webinar convened by SfAA Global with the publication of Viral Loads: Anthropologies of Urgency in the Time of COVID-19 (University College London Press)edited by Lenore Manderson, Nancy J Burke, and Ayo Wahlberg.

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