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Shale Gas Dev.png"Shale gas developments in England: Social impacts and comparisons" by Anna Szolucha

This study documents and analyses the social impacts of fracking and natural gas developments across five locations in England pre-, during and post-development. The primary data were derived from anthropological fieldwork, including interviews and observations, conducted over a period of four years, between 2016 and 2020. The objectives of this study were to: - document the lived experiences of those who lived, worked and protested in the vicinity of gas developments; - establish, analyse and compare the social impact of gas exploration projects across five different locations in England; - identify the affected and other relevant communities as well as any distributional inequalities across different groups of stakeholders; - explore the relationship between natural gas developments and social, psychological, health and political outcomes; - underscore the relevance of social impacts for determining any potential unconventional gas developments and political decision-making in the UK.

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