Candidates for Secretary

Eric Bailey

eric-bailey.jpgEric J. Bailey, Ph.D.

Department of Anthropology
Department of Public Health
East Carolina University

As a member of the SfAA for the past 33 years, I have always respected, admired, and enjoyed being a part of the Society for Applied Anthropology. I have always felt that the SfAA brings out the best in our field of Anthropology because of its applied approach in understanding and working with people of all cultures around the world.

If I am elected as Secretary to the SfAA, it would be my honor to fulfill my responsibilities in documenting the various meetings of the SfAA to make sure all members and non-members know what had occurred but more importantly recognize the significance of our organization to the rest of the world. SfAA has always been a change-agent to the world, and I would like the opportunity to be a part of it. 

Max Stein

mstein.jpgMax Jacob Stein, Ph.D.

Florida Gulf Coast University

My main goal in running for SfAA Board Secretary is to support fellow colleagues committed to applied anthropology. I have long been a member of SfAA for its broad accessibility to professionals in academic, applied, and engaged research, as well as students looking to enter any of these professional domains. I would contribute to this mission by effectively carrying out secretarial duties including but not limited to coordinating the agenda of board meetings, compiling and distributing minutes, and participating in key decision-making. I believe the SfAA maintains a critical role for applied anthropologists and must work to serve its membership in both established and dynamic new ways, especially as the long-term effects of the covid-19 pandemic continue to transform our field. As Secretary, I would look forward to helping to build on existing initiatives and advance the Society in the direction of an impactful future. 


Max Stein (PhD, University of Alabama, 2018) Positions Held: Assistant Professor (2021-pres) Florida Gulf Coast University; Visiting Assistant Professor (2019-2021) Florida Gulf Coast University; Adjunct Instructor (2018-2020) University of Alabama; Interests and/or Activities: applied medical anthropology, migration, mixed-methods; Select Publications: Comparing Nervios Symptom Descriptions in Honduras, Culture Medicine and Psychiatry, 2019; Expectations of Field-based Research Career Affects Family Planning Decisions (with C.D. Lynn & M.E. Howells), PLOS ONE, 2018; Biocultural Influences on Child Growth in Highland Peru (with K.S. Oths, H.E. Smith, & R.J. Lazo Landivar), American Journal of Human Biology, 2017; Socializing Undergrads through Collaborative Research, Teaching, and Service (with A. Daugherty, I. Rivera, J. Muzzo, & C.D. Lynn), Annals of Anthropological Practice, 2016; How Social Networks Shape Cultural Consonance, Anthropology News, 2016.

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