Candidate for President

wies.jpgJennifer R. Wies, Ph.D.

Professor of Anthropology and Associate Provost
Eastern Kentucky University 

Application, connection, integration, action.  These tenets form the core of the SfAA’s mission and define its goals: to advance applied perspectives and action in social science practices from academe to public domains.  This is endless work, and continues to mount in importance across the U.S. and around the world.   

Amidst our successes over the last 80 years, there are two important areas for Society leadership to prioritize in the immediate term: establish more inclusive policies and practices to positively engage the diversity of our membership, and to establish a strong financial foundation for the current and continued success of the organization and for our membership.  Achieving these goals, through member-informed strategies and initiatives, will elevate and sustain the SfAA into the future.    

As SfAA President, I would utilize the lessons learned from my prior experiences serving on the SfAA Board (Graduate Student Representative, 2004-2007, and Treasurer, 2012-2021) and leadership with other professional organizations (President for the Association for Feminist Anthropology).  I lead in a manner informed by evidence and focused on sustainable solutions, inspired by cross-cultural examples that illustrate the power of community and coalition methodologies.  

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