Tourism and Heritage TIG

Stefan Michael Krause, Ph.D.

The Tourism and Heritage Topical Interest Group (THTIG) is pleased to once again announce the Valene Smith Student Poster Contest for the upcoming Society for Applied Anthropology Annual Meeting.  While we await finalization of meeting logistics and plans for hybrid/virtual arrangements, students with research in tourism and heritage are encouraged to submit poster proposals for the upcoming deadline.   

2020 has truly been a trying year for us all.  Numerous underserved and vulnerable populations across the world are also experiencing disproportional levels of hardship on a scale unseen in most of our lifetimes.  During this global health crises, these hardships are compounded by the interrelated economic effects of lockdowns, travel bans, and many other global mitigation efforts.  Tourism and heritage scholars are thus encouraged to consider in their paper presentation and poster submissions the impacts of these events in our research areas and especially the varied communities of our worldwide focus.   

THTIG also encourages all interested researchers and practitioners to consider participation in our topical interest group.  Whether face-to-face or virtually, we welcome all to join us for our group meeting during next year’s conference.  We hope to build membership in our group and invite all those with interests in the application of anthropological approaches to tourism and heritage to help us continue to grow our TIG.   

And finally, THTIG is also continuing to promote and develop the “Erve Chambers Tourism and Heritage Student Paper Award” to be held in coming years through an ongoing endowment fund: 

Those interested in contributing to the endowment fund can make a donation online through the SfAA’s secure website at  Please be sure to select “Chambers Tourism & Heritage” from the drop-down list to ensure that your donation goes towards helping to build up the endowment for this great honor. 

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