Programming and Technology Fundraising Committee

Susan Andreatta
Chair of the Programming and Technology Fundraising Committee

You Can Still Give and Help Out SfAA’s Programming and Technology Fund to the Enhance Digital and International Presence at the Annual Meeting

Over the summer a committee was convened, the Programming and Technology Fund Committee, to raise funds for the Society for Applied Anthropology to create a hybrid annual meeting. Contributions to this fund have enabled the Society to modify the program annual meeting in Norfolk, VA for 2021. 

Since mid-June and into early October this committee raised $45,000 for the Programming and Technology Fund. We are very grateful for all of the donations! It means so much at this critical time, for it has enabled the Society to invest in Whova software, allowing for virtual access to the meetings. If you haven’t already registered for the conference, please do and by the way you can still donate to the Programming and Technology Fund. 

Thanks to all the committee and Board members who assisted in the fundraising: Susan Andreatta (chair), Nadine Bendycki, Sherylyn Briller, Keri Brondo, Melissa Cope, AJ Faas, Hillary Haldane, Sunil Khanna, Peter Kunstadter, Michael Paolisso, Robert Rubinstein, Jean Schensul, and Jennifer Wies. We telephoned, emailed and wrote letters to SfAA members. We collected pledges and members’ interest in going forward post the current pandemic. The fund exists, thus there is time to give to SfAA’s Programming and Technology Fund to the enhance the digital and international presence at the upcoming and future annual meetings. We understand that these are challenging times and ask those who can to please donate to SfAA. Working together we know that everything, and that all amounts help to reach our goal. 

Therefore, from this fundraising committee and the SfAA Board Members, we thank you for your contributions and continued support for the Society. 

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