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A Year to Remember

The ExtrACTION Team

How many of you had your bags almost packed, getting ready to leave for Albuquerque, when 2020 was canceled?  This continues to be a year to remember, one that will reverberate through the generations. It has also been a year of surprises and changes in policy and legislation effecting the environment and extraction. 

More than likely, you are unable to think ahead to March of 2021, and attempting to attend an annual meeting. We can only encourage you to put aside on-line classes, home schooling, and half opened organizations to take a few minutes to register and submit to the Norfolk meeting. Abstracts for this year's SfAA hybrid meeting (in Norfolk AND online) are now due November 15th! If you don't already have plans to participate, we encourage you to submit an individually volunteered paper and check the "ExtrACTION & Environment" TIG! Please go to https://www.appliedanthro.org/annual-meeting to register and submit abstracts! And please don't hesitate to get in touch if any questions or issues arise! willow.1@osu.edu  We look forward to seeing you (in whatever format) there! 

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As of today, we do have two organized sessions planned: Extraction and Environment Over Time (Anna Willow) and Converging Crises: Anthropology at the Intersection of Extraction, Climate, and COVID-19 (Elisabeth Moolenaar).  After the deadline, our job is to take volunteered abstracts and organize them into coherent, and often fascinating sessions. Whatever it is you are working on now, we want to hear about it.  Let’s hope for a better future!

By the way, do you know where the Saudi Arabia of helium is?  It’s not a place filled with balloons or people talking in high pitched voices.  It is in east central Arizona, setting the stage for yet another round of battles against environmentally unsound and dangerous practices.  Tune in next issue for a look at what’s going on in the high desert.

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