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November 1, 2019

ExtrACTION and Environment Gets Set For Albuquerque

tigJeanne Simonelli. Official TIG scribbler

It’s before the SfAA paper deadline, and we await all the great volunteered papers that will arrive by October 15.  In spite of this, the ExtrACTION and Environment TIG can already offer you a series of exciting and information-packed sessions. We don’t know times or days yet, but look for the following:

Anna Willow has organized a two part offering on ExtrACTION and Time.  Part I features presentations on temporalities and Part II is comprised of continuing narratives of extraction projects.  

Bill Alexander provides a session on “The Future of Forever Chemicals? Citizen Participation and Rising Awareness of PFAS and Related Contamination in a Time of Deregulation."

Ricahrd Bargielski's two-part session on "More-Than-Human Approaches to Environmental Learning" will be a smorgasbord of discussion.

Robert Winthop's Roundtable on "Occasional Victories: Are There Successful Interventions Over Energy and Resources?" promises to be lively and controversial.  Finally, Elisabeth Molinaar again invites TIG and PESO members to come together to discuss overlapping interests, research and projects.

As the current regime packs courts and agencies with like-minded appointees, we expect discussion of overturning guidelines, states’ rights in California and New York and much more.  See the next Newsletter issue for the rest of the ExtrACTION and Environment sessions.

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