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November 1, 2019

Community and NGO Relationships: A Request for Information

During more than ten years, The Chijnaya Foundation ( and its Peruvian counterpart nonprofit, the Asociacion Pro-DIA have carried out many projects in a community on the Peruvian Altiplano. This community is one of 25 in the network of collaborating communities. In late 2018, the members of this community voted to end the relationship with the two nonprofits. Jhuver Aguirre, the Pro-DIA Projects Director, and Ralph Bolton, president of The Chijnaya Foundation, have submitted an abstract for a proposed paper to be delivered at the 2020 SfAA annual meeting in Albuquerque. In the paper, we will discuss the reasons for this community/nonprofit "divorce". We are interested in hearing of other cases in which communities have withdrawn from cooperation with an NGO. Please contact Ralph Bolton ( if you have information about such a case.



Ralph Bolton

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