World's First NFT Drop for the Anthropology Community

Anthropologists Against the Invasion of Ukraine was created in support of the people of Ukraine. It is the first NFT collection made for the anthropology community.

A portion of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. The remaining proceeds will be reinvested back into anthropology projects to continue to build our visibility as a discipline. 

The pieces were created in collaboration with Nina Dzhaparidze, a designer from Ukraine. Each is a limited edition (1 of 10).

This project was started to:

1) Raise money to donate to Ukraine and support a local designer.
2) Create an opportunity for the anthropology community to dig in and learn about Web3 and NFTs.
3) Create a proof of concept for how we might be able to raise the awareness of anthropology and build our community.

The utility:

Purchasers of this NFT are entitled to a print-ready version of the file and have an opportunity to come on the Anthropology in Business or Anthro to UX podcast if they are an anthropologist. If you have already been on the podcast, you can recommend someone else.

6Anthropology NFT Drop to Support Ukraine.png

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