ExtrACTION and Environment TIG

Meeting under the Salt Lake City sun

Elisabeth Moolinaar

Our annual meeting in Salt Lake City was a successful and very sunny one. Several hundred attendees were on site and a few hundred more online. After two years of not being able to meet in person there was a special energy in the air. It was also an opportunity to learn how to conduct hybrid panels.

Our ExtrACTION & Environment TIG hosted eight original panels of which two were double panels. We also continued our tradition of getting together with the Risk & Disaster TIG and PESO for a roundtable. This year we tried out a bit of gamification to make sure we were not slumped by routine. If anyone is interested in turning their panel in a special issue for Practicing Anthropology or Human Organization let Jeanne Simonelli know at simonejm@wfu.edu. We are also looking forward to hear about any plans for sessions you may have for our next annual meeting in Cincinnati.

On Friday late afternoon the TIG had its annual business meeting. We met outside in the beautiful weather. Some new faces joined us and we got to reconnect with familiar ones. During this meeting the group decided on Anna Willow and Elisabeth Moolenaar to continue their role as co-convenors for another year. Also, some exciting plans were forged for more social media presence, engaging students, and social opportunities for next annual meeting.  If anyone wants to work on these new plans or have some additional ideas please contact Anna Willow, willow.1@osu.edu, and/or Elisabeth Moolenaar, emoolenaar@regis.edu . For a report of our business meeting please contact Anna Willow.


Tipped publications:

Refusing Death:  How Asian and Latina Immigrant Women Fight Environmental Racism in LA. 2021. Nadia Kim. Stanford University Press.

The Anthropology of Resource Extraction. Routledge Studies of the Extractive Industries and Sustainable Development. 2022. D’Angelo, Lorenzo and Robert Jan Pijpers eds. Routledge.

Please email Anna or Elisabeth if you want to have any of your publications mentioned in our newsletter. 

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