Building Careers in Anthropology

Come with us to the Big Apple!

Elizabeth K. Briody and Riall W. Nolan

The anthropology-wide, Career Readiness Commission is inviting you to an all-day conference on May 13 at Fordham's Gabelli School of Business (near Lincoln Center).  

Plan to spend the day meeting and interacting with anthropologists who want to learn more about preparing students for varied workplaces, including those in industry, government, and non-profits.  If you are an instructor, take some of your students with you.  If you are a student, attend with your friends.  If you are a practitioner, join us.  Everyone will meet new and interesting colleagues.

SfAA is a prominent sponsor of the conference which offers something for everyone.  Gillian Tett (Financial Times) will deliver a plenary on "Communicating Anthropology" to those outside our community (e.g., prospective employers, colleagues, media professionals).  Twelve workshops (see below) and some networking sessions round out the day.

Who Should Attend?

The conference has been designed with a mixed audience in mind:

  • For instructors:  ideas and resources for preparing your students for the workplace

  • For students, practitioners, and those seeking a career reset:  Job market skills and finding and developing your career.

What Workshops Are Offered?

Some workshops are more suitable for students, while others will be a good fit for instructors or practitioners.  However, the insights, the presenters, and the interactive aspects of the 12 workshops are likely to have broad appeal.  Here are the titles:

  1. Teaching Students to Practice

  2. Does Your Elevator Pitch Position You for Opening Doors?

  3. Becoming an Entrepreneurial Anthropologist

  4. Bringing Anthropology into Consumer Research

  5. Rework Your Teamwork: Techniques for Leaders and Team Members

  6. Getting Networking to Work for You during the Job Search

  7. Skill Building for Success

  8. Anthropological Storytelling through Social Media

  9. How to Straddle Academic and Industry Jobs

  10. Nailing the Interview

  11. Personal Professional Development with Learning Contracts

  12. Organizational Consulting and the Anthropological Lens

How Do You Register?

Registration is going on now:  $25 students, $40 instructors/practitioners.  Click on the "REGISTER HERE" link on the conference flyer. Registration is a two-step process.  

  • Upon reaching the first screen, Do Not click on the green "Register" button, but instead on the "CLICK HERE" links in the first column to pay the registration fee.

  • After paying the registration fee, return to select your workshops.

Do not delay!  Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

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