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The title is Anthro to UX. I just launched the introductory episode. The first guest episode also just aired. There will be a transcript included with all episodes after the introductory episode. I have provided all of the information below that I think you need. Should you need anything else, please let me know. 

Podcast Description

The Anthro to UX podcast is for anthropologists looking to break into user experience (UX) research. Through conversations with leading anthropologists working in UX, you will learn first hand how others made the transition, what they learned along the way, and what they would do differently. We will also discuss what it means to do UX research from a practical perspective and what you need to do to prepare a resume and portfolio. It is hosted by Matt Artz, a business anthropologist specializing in design anthropology and working at the intersection of product management, user experience, and business strategy. Visit the Anthro to UX website to learn more about the and career coaching services.

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Matt Artz and some of his colleagues have been accepted to speak at South by Southwest (SXSW). Their panel is featured in the official SXSW announcementAnthropology as a Crucial Frame for Change | Speakers: Patricia Sunderland (Cultural Research & Analysis, Inc.), Matt Artz (Cloudshadow), Marcel Rosa-Salas (University of Illinois at Chicago), and Gigi Taylor (Indeed)


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