Connecting Anthropology through Practice

CAP session.pngShare your #anthropology! As part of the SfAA we invite conversation about the challenges and possibilities that Covid has created for applied anthropology, and to foster opportunities for networking and support at this socially distanced time. 

Using image, text, audio &/or video, respond to the prompt “connecting to practice” to tell us how the pandemic has reshaped your social ecologies as an applied anthropologist. 

Responses will be shared on Tumblr & SfAA. Drawing from the Tumblr collection of participant submissions, we will use our SfAA panel to engage in collective auto-ethnographic analysis around the theme “social ecologies.” 

  • Part 1 (Tues. 3/23 at 2pm EST) of this two-part session will be a guided discussion of participants’ submissions. 

  • Part 2 (Tues. 3/23 at 4pm EST) of this two-part session will be a guided discussion of strategies for building networks of practice despite the challenges that the pandemic presents for in-person collaboration and research.

The discussions that emerge through this session, as well as the submitted materials, may be considered for a special issue (or issues) of Practicing Anthropology. 

Submission steps:

  1. Respond to the prompt “connecting to practice” using image, text, audio, or video

  2. Email all submissions to Submissions accepted through 5 PM EST on Mar. 15, 2021

  3. Submissions should include: contact information (name, email, title, affiliation), permission to share on Tumblr, whether you want your name published with your Tumblr content, and interest in publishing in Practicing Anthropology. If you would like to share your content at SfAA but not on the internet, tell us.

  4. There are inherent risks to posting to the internet. Submissions should not include personal information you do not want shared, such as childrens’ faces. 

  5. Send questions or comments to 

See you at the SfAAs!
Elissa Faro, Gemmae Fix, Laura Heinemann, Ellen Rubinstein, Peter Taber & Marian Thorpe 

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