Peter Morin is a Tahltan First Nation (Matrilineal) and French-Canadian (Patrilineal)

(S-43) SATURDAY 10:00-11:50
Parlor A
Speaking through Uncertainties, Interrogating Intersections

CHAIRS: MORIN, Peter and GOTO, Ayumi (OCADU)

Open Discussion

MORIN, Peter and GOTO, Ayumi (OCADU) Speaking through Uncertainties, Interrogating Intersections. Tahltan Nation artist, Peter Morin and Japanese/diasporic performance apprentice, Ayumi Goto have been utilizing performance methodologies to interrogate colonial histories that separate Indigenous and racialized knowledges. For this conversation, Morin and Goto will draw upon the history of collaborative moments inside of BIPOC community art and activism. They will co-facilitate an open discussion to address the following questions: How do embodied knowledges affect our ability to reach across space, cultures, and political habits? Does the western notion of time enable or distract from experiencing deep collaboration and revolution? And importantly, how does centering Indigenous knowledges refract our understanding?

Peter Morin is a Tahltan First Nation (matrilineal) and French-Canadian (patrilineal) performance artist whose works examine colonization in the Americas, decolonizing methodologies, Indigenous cultural sovereignty, and arts-based research methodologies.

Ayumi Goto is a Japanese diasporic performance apprentice who attempts in her practice to creatively and constructively critique rigid notions of nation-building and cultural belonging, as well as contemplate land-human relations and human migrations.

Both Morin and Goto work at the Ontario College of Art and Design University where Morin is a tenured Associate Professor and Goto is a Post-Doctoral Fellow. 

Morin and Goto are best friends and have worked collaboratively for the past six years. In their discussion at SfAA, they hope to generate a fruitful and engaging discussion about how to participate in deep intellectual and creative collaborations in the face of historical dissonances, political duress, and swiftly shifting land- and social-scapes. The discussion will be performative and invite full participation from all those in attendance.

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