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Guess what? The way that people access articles from Human Organization and Practicing Anthropology makes a big difference for the Society and its members! Read on for how YOU can help our organization by the “click choices” that you make.

Both Human Organization and Practicing Anthropology were recently added to JSTOR, a journal clearinghouse that is used by institutions of education, non-profits, businesses, and other organizations. Many of these institutions purchase a subscription to JSTOR, allowing employees and affiliates to access the articles in the clearinghouse. This subscription service generates revenues by advertising, and some of those revenues are passed on to the journal’s originator.

In this model, the Society earns money each and every time someone uses JSTOR to access articles in Human Organization and Practicing Anthropology. Within the first six months of the Society journals’ availability in JSTOR, the Society generated nearly $6,000 in royalty revenue! Subsequently, the Board approved the 2019 annual budget with an anticipated revenue line of $11,250 from royalty revenue. SfAA uses a “rolling wall” method with JSTOR, where Human Organization and Practicing Anthropology issues that are five years or older than the most recent issues are available. This five-year rolling wall encourages our institutional partners to maintain their current subscriptions.

Please consider this model when asking students, trainees, colleagues, and others to access Society-supported journal articles. Here are some tips for supporting our journals:

  • Ask students, trainees, and colleagues to directly access JSTOR for Human Organization and Practicing Anthropology articles.

  • Avoid posting PDF copies of SfAA journals, as this decreases the SfAA journals’ visibility and revenue. 

  • Teach those around you about the importance of “click choices” in our academic marketplace.

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